High Visibility Reflective Safety Vest
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Best Reflective Safety Vest - Stay Safe Jogging, Cycling, Working, Motorcycle Riding, or Running - Elastic and Easily Adjustable Means the Best Running Gear Around

Product Features: 

  • High Reflective and 360°visibility.
  • Lightweight , easy to wear,comfortable.
  • Highly visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Safety vest made of lightweight, breathable fabric.
  • Gear for Jogging, Biking, Walking.
  • Fully adjustable 

  • Straps length: 38cm-50cm
  • Waist: 70cm-98cm
  • Straps width: 4cm
  • Color : Reflective Green, Pink, Orange & Blue 

Reflective Vest Care Instructions
1)Hand wash in warm water with an antibacterial soap.

2)Air dry outside. If you absolutely need to, you can Machine Dry on LOW heat / delicate cycle.

3)To prevent reflective strip breakdown, we recommend you DO NOT DO the following:

a)Do Not Iron
b)Do Not Bleach
c)Do Not Machine Wash
d)Do Not Machine Dry on High Heat

Reflective Vest Safety Tips:

Your safety is what matters most. This Safe Reflective Vest is designed to help driver’s see you while running, cycling, jogging, walking at night. It does not guarantee your safety. Remember these tips when you are training at night:

1)Stay alert! – Your awareness is key. Drivers are not looking for you, so you should look for them!
2)Train together! – It is always best to run with a partner. There is strength in numbers.
3)Against traffic! – Make sure you are running against traffic to ensure you see them before they see you! Make eye contact with drivers.
4)Run behind! – Run behind vehicles at intersections instead of in front of them.
5)Keep your ears clear! – I know we all love our music, but it is critical to hear any potential risks coming your way before they get there, so try to run without headphones.

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